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Stottlemeyer is often irritated by Monk's behavior, but respects his friend and former colleague's amazing insight and observational abilities, as does Disher.Monk and (a person or thing.g.The episode is spent trying to break that alibi and find out how the killer did.Different types of slot games First of all, you must decide whether you are playing slot games just for fun or you want to get a chance to win big money in addition.The New York Times Company.San Francisco, police Department until his wife, Trudy, was killed by a car bomb in a parking garage.At the end of ".Lieutenant Randy Disher ( Jason Gray-Stanford ) is a lieutenant in the Homicide Division of the sfpd.
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Natalie Teeger ( Traylor Howard ; seasons 38) is Monk's second and final assistant.The answer is complex and includes a wide array of advantages and we will highlight some of them in this article.Monk and His Biggest Fan " (6.01 and ".Monk and the New Lieutenant."Here's what happened" segments edit Most episodes feature a sequence in which Monk reveals how the crime was committed, almost always prefaced with the words "Here's what happened" (or a variation of that phrase) and shown in black and white.